No gloss gratitude

Dear President Trump,

Thanksgiving is probably the most prominent one-must-pretend-one-is-happy-and-grateful day of the calendar year in the US and I haven’t done very well with the charade this time around. How have you done? How about Barron and Melania? They didn’t look too thrilled as you all were heading to whatever your transport was from the White House down to Mar-a-lago for the holiday feast, but maybe the photographer just happened to catch them both at an especially bad moment. For their sake, and to be nice, for your sake too, I hope it was just a momentary blip in an otherwise nice day.

Here, though, it’s been a hard day. I’m glad I’m not on Facebook and feeling as though I have to present some rosy lie. I can just have my sour, kind of sad state without having to censor or gloss. And for that, I’m actually quite grateful.

It’s pretty late here and it’s definitely time I went to bed and ended this day so I’ll just send you a blessing:

May you be grateful to be safe.
May you be grateful when you feel happy.
May you be grateful for your health.
May you be grateful change is inevitable as it means there is still hope for you. And for us.

Tracy Simpson

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