The light was beautiful

Dear President Trump,

I took a couple of hours off from work this afternoon to make piecrusts and to have a more relaxed entry into the holiday tomorrow. On the drive home the light was beautiful. It had stopped raining but the sky was still dark, dark grey out to the East and the sun setting in the West was making all the reds, yellows, and oranges especially vivid. Once I got in the house I kind of forgot about the light and the colors until I went to do some dishes and looked out the kitchen window. The leaves on our neighbor’s tree across the street have turned bright yellow and about half are still on the tree and half have fallen in a rough circle on the grass and sidewalk below it. The way the light was hitting it all made the scene quite magical. The yellow on the tree and the pool of yellow beneath the tree were both glowing against a backdrop of grey and looked like they were floating. I went outside to our back fence and took a picture that I sent Laura. The little tiny phone picture actually captured the glowy nature of the leaves and the light and she was duly awed.

When I went outside about 15 minutes later to give another neighbor a lemon for her apple pie, the light had moved on and the scene was pretty but no longer amazing. At first I felt kind of let down by this but in a funny sort of way, it’s actually a good thing that those incredible light moments don’t last forever since they’d no longer be incredible (special) if they did.

Even though I risk sounding melodramatic, as I struggle to cope with all the sad, nefarious greed threatening to pull us under, one of the things I’m most grateful for are these unpredictable shimmering moments of light. They are especially precious when I can share them with someone. And they provide much needed solace either way.

I hope you get to have some moments of shimmering light and that you allow them to change you.

May we be safe enough to be able to look around and notice the light.
May we be happy when there are sun breaks.
May we allow both light and dark to teach us about ourselves and what we need.
May we help each other navigate our dark and our light times peacefully and kindly.

Tracy Simpson

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