Dear President Trump,

Since I’m sure you’ve been wondering (not), today’s been a much better day and I’m back on a steady keel. It stopped raining long enough this afternoon that we got to take the dogs to the University’s urban horticulture park on Lake Washington. On the way there we had an eagle escort us up the street for about a block, flying low over the car on the same trajectory we were traveling. It was quite spectacular to see it swoop out ahead of us before flying off to hang out in a tree.

Do you ever read Ruth Marcus in the WP? Do you ever read anything by women? Do you ever read? Ok, sorry. Anyway, in her editorial today she describes the end of shame in the public arena arguing that the stunning willingness of key Republicans (namely you and Kay Ivey) to come out and say you would rather have an accused child molester in the Senate than a Democrat is appallingly shameless. Marcus also calls out Mulvaney for his brazen acknowledgement on CNN and NBC today that you all are gaming the system with the proposed tax legislation so you can ram it through even though it’s based on bullshit numbers. Unfortunately, she didn’t circle back and include Chris Collins’ shameless comments about how he’s been instructed by his wealthy donors to get the tax bill done or they will abandon him.

Along these same lines, earlier today our daughter told us about the movie they are watching in her government class about the 2000 election and the dubious Supreme Court decision handing the win to Bush. This prompted commentary about your highly questionable “win” and the phenomenal scope of all the gerrymandering Republicans have engaged in over the years. Basically, we concluded that you all haven’t been able to win fair and square for decades and have resorted to shameless tactics that are getting ever scarier and sicker, in no small part because the people in your base don’t seem to care at all how unethical and twisted you are. It’s like you all are saying to the American people “I’m telling you to your faces I’m going to beat the crap out of you tomorrow and take your lunch money and none of you will do a damn thing about it, suckers!”

May we all wake up to how we are being bullied.
May we all insist that happiness is not the exclusive right of bullies and moneyed elites.
May we all reprioritize healthy governance.
May we all hold ourselves and each other accountable to decency.

Tracy Simpson

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