Dumb and primitive

Dear President Trump,

Isn’t it interesting how primitive we are when it comes to how we respond when one of our own vs. an enemy is found to have messed up? Granted, some of us are more primitive than others of us when it comes to these situations, but really, I think we all initially want to look the other way or somehow excuse bad behavior when it’s by someone we care about or have admired, or when it’s someone who we think can get us what we want. For example, it doesn’t seem to matter to you how dumb and primitive it looks for you to go after HW, Al Franken, and Bill Clinton when you are giving Roy Moore and yourself complete passes on behavior that is at least as shitty as theirs. At least no one will ever accuse you of being confusing; it will always be abundantly clear that all of your behavior is absolutely self-serving.

The different reactions to the information about Al Franken having assaulted and groped Leeann Tweeden have been interesting to try and wrap my head around. Michelle Goldberg (NYT) makes a compelling case for him to resign arguing that if he doesn’t, when the inevitable allegations about Republican are made or you grabbing women’s pussies comes up, they can dismiss it by pointing to Franken and how he stayed in office when there was photographic evidence of his transgression. On the other hand, Kate Harding (WP) also makes a strong case for Franken serving out his term. She too is taking the long view in that this time there is a Democratic governor who would appoint another Democrat in Franken’s place were he to resign or be forced from office, but there is absolutely no telling whether this would be the case the next time or the next time. Given that there are currently so many Republican governors, it could happen that Democrats found to have engaged in sexual harassment and/or misconduct are replaced by Republicans and the overall interests of women will not be served. She lays out some rational limits on going this route and some sound ideas for how Franken would need to do on behalf of women. Given the big picture and the horrible record Republicans have on anything regarding women and children, I am inclined to agree with Harding.

May we care about each others’ sense of safety.
May we care about each others’ happiness.
May we care about each others’ health.
May we behave kindly towards one another, always.

Tracy Simpson

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