Your absolute right to move safely through the world

Dear President Trump,

Today is our daughter’s 18th birthday, her Golden Birthday since she is turning 18 on the 18th. The day has been full on and I’m exhausted and ready for bed so this will be short. I do, though, want to tell you a few things I learned from her today while we were waiting to be called at the restaurant she chose for lunch. After we’d talked for a few minutes about Al Franken and the pros and cons of him resigning his seat in Congress I asked her if anyone had ever harassed her. She said she gets cat called all the time and that it happens to all the girls she knows, a lot. She started to say it’s not a big deal but caught herself and instead said it’s gross and that guys don’t get it. She told me about a time when some guy said rude, sexual things to her when she was with her boyfriend and how when she said to her boyfriend how disgusting it was, he said the guy was just playing around. I was really happy when she said she told him, no, it’s gross and it is not ok that guys do that. I asked her if anything else of that nature had happened to her and she said “no” and that she would punch anyone who tried to touch her inappropriately. I hope she can keep that feisty attitude and not back down if she is ever in a situation where a boss or someone with power tries to take advantage of her since the calculus of hauling off and hitting someone like that can look very different than if it’s just a random gross guy.

In honor of our lovely, strong, amazing daughter on her 18th birthday and all the other lovely, strong, amazing young women finding their ways in the world, here is a blessing for them:

May we all respect your absolute right to move safely through the world.
May we all wish for you deep, satisfying happiness on your birthdays and everyday.
May we all commit to supporting your emotional, physical, and spiritual health.
May each of you recognize you are precious, unique works of art of unsurpassable worth.

Tracy Simpson

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