Get it done or don’t call us, ever

Dear President Trump,

I think Chris Collins should get a gold star for honesty. As sick and base as his admission to reporters is that his donors are telling him to get the tax bill done or not to ever call them again, at least he was straightforward about this tax “reform” bullshit. It’s refreshing to have the curtain yanked back even if it is because someone didn’t realize he was actually talking out loud and not just running the lament through his own private mind. Even though I think it was brilliant and may even be a sign he has a conscience somewhere buried in there, it was not a great political move. I bet he’s toast.

So now what? I don’t think you all have any choice but to blow right past this and pretend Collins didn’t say what he said. To be safe, though, you should hedge it and also say that if he did say something sort of like this you all disavow him and it’s only his crooked donors who would make such a crass threat. There is no way in hell you all are going to own up to the reality that your dark money masters are calling the shots and that there is absolutely nothing prosocial (spellcheck fail, again) about either version of the tax bill. Even before Collins spilled the beans it was clear to anyone not under your spell that both versions are massive conduits for the wealth stream to flow up even faster. The idea that reducing corporate taxes is going to increase worker wages is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. If there were some provision requiring that the additional monies be demonstrably spent on wages for regular workers to bring the lowest paid workers into the same stratosphere as the highest wage workers, that would be one thing, but there’s nothing remotely like that in either bill. The CEOs and shareholders of corporations aren’t going to invest any more than they absolutely have to in their work forces and you all know it.

Even though you all are going to continue the bald faced lies forever, I just want you to know that I know, and many, many of us know, you all are crooked, self-serving parasites. Chris Collins said as much.

May we all get through this sad, greed driven time as safely as we can.
May we all cultivate capacity for contentment without insane riches.
May we all understand that your health is inextricably tied to my health.
May we recalibrate so everyone is thriving.

Tracy Simpson

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