I know, I vowed not to call you names

Dear President Trump,

This is probably one of those times when it would be a good idea for me to focus on positive things for a week or so but I just don’t have it in me right now. At every turn there is some new odious thing you are doing or saying that has me wishing, once again, I could wake up from this protracted nightmare. The most viscerally upsetting thing from today is your repeal of the ban on importing elephant trophies. When I heard you authorized this the only thing I could think was what a sick f*** you are. I know, I vowed not to call you names or use ugly language towards you in my letters and I generally do refrain from doing so, but today I’m simply going to call it as I see it. You have done so much damage on so many different levels that I honestly shouldn’t be surprised by anything you do, but this is so repulsive and barbaric I am actually shocked. It’s like you are dragging us back into the dark ages.

Of course you realize what the euphemism “elephant trophy” means, right? You know that tens of thousands of elephants were already killed annually for their tusks even when the US ban was in place, right? You know this means even more baby elephants will be orphaned annually when their parents are murdered for the ivory in their tusks, right? Are you and Junior having Tarzan fantasies? What is this? What is wrong with you? Seriously, at every damn turn you are taking us deeper and deeper into a toxic dead end cave where concern for anyone’s well-being, humans, elephants, anyone, is sacrificed on the altar of profit for the ultra-wealthy.

And once again, I am quite certain most of this is just for distraction purposes — let’s get those bleeding heart liberals riled up about the elephants and the base righteously aggrieved over Roy Moore or calling for a Hillary DOJ investigation. Yeah, that’s the ticket, just keep everyone so reactive about whatever so you can quietly erode the federal judiciary, the EPA, health and human services. Unfortunately, though, you do know how to pick distractions that are virtually impossible to ignore because they are so very awful and damaging. I bet you gloat about this sick knack of yours in private.

May we be safe from corrupt despots.
May we hold fast to some bits of happiness to see us through.
May we stand up to regimes that are harmful to most everyone’s health.
May we insist you stop messing with us and the natural world.

Tracy Simpson


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