The news cycle has moved on

Dear President Trump,

I couldn’t send yesterday’s message yesterday because we had a power outage for 8 hours last night and the wifi router was down. It was actually kind of nice not having access to the Internet and just having to be quiet. We talked and listened to the wind and were grateful to be inside where it was dry even if it was pretty cold. And it was incredibly nice to have the power come back on in the middle of the night in time for the food in the fridge to still be ok and in time for getting ready for work and school this morning. I was trying to imagine what it must be like for people in Houston and Puerto Rico who are still dealing with flood damage, unreliable water sources, and no electricity and I really couldn’t. Even though we got a tiny taste of it, we knew the power would be restored quickly and there would likely be no lasting negative consequences from the storm. The degree of disruption for so many of the flood victims is staggering and for many in Puerto Rico, access to basics like medicine and food is endangering their lives. I know they aren’t on the front page much these days and it would be wonderful if that meant things were back to normal or well on their way there, but we all know that’s not the case. The news cycle has just moved on and we are on to new crises so the lack of meaningful FEMA response for PR is so much noise and yet another thing we are powerless to change.

I guess the reality that there are very big, very powerful forces aligned to concentrate and reallocate resources to the wealthy and that you all are chipping away at safeguards for the majority is all feeling especially heavy tonight and I’m feeling especially powerless to do anything about it or to keep up a sense of optimism that we can come through this at all intact. I imagine this extreme heaviness will pass and something that engenders some hope will come along but honestly, it’s feeling incredibly bleak right now. I don’t even want to catalog all the crap just from today. So I won’t.

May we be safe and may the sense of dread and powerlessness pass.
May we see our way clear to feeling happy again.
May we have a sense that our leaders care about everyone’s health.
May we collectively shift our priorities to care well for us all.

Tracy Simpson

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