Plausible deniability

Dear President Trump,

The phrase “plausible deniability” has been prominent in the news lately. Maybe it always has been or maybe it has come to the fore since you came on the political scene, I’m not sure. Whatever the case, recently it is has gotten enough traction that I realized it’s a phrase I kept reading but was not really understanding so I decided to look it up. I see now why I didn’t automatically understand it; the concept just wouldn’t have occurred to me.

The Wikipedia definition has to do with sleazy actions that people in charge can say they knew nothing about since the order can’t be traced directly back to them. Your friend Governor Christie’s machinations with the George Washington Bridge closure are an excellent example of this sort of plausible deniability (however implausible his deniability really was). I’d been focusing on your verbal lies but after hearing about your dodgy answers to the questions about reaching out to the families of the soldiers slain in Niger two weeks ago, I clearly see that you too are a man of plausibly deniable actions. Most of the attention right now is on your insinuations that President Obama was negligent in his response to the families of military personnel killed in the line of duty. That’s fine, you should be called out on this lie. I think it’s quite interesting, though that you quick claimed you just wrote the letters over the weekend but haven’t had a chance to mail them yet. Sure, that is plausible and if someone challenges you on the timing there is no way they can prove you hadn’t actually written them when the question was asked and the answer given. I bet, though, you hadn’t done it and that it hadn’t actually occurred to you to do it at all, but rather than admit this, you pretended you wrote them and have now backdated whatever letters you had someone write for you.

Even if all you do is pretend you are President of the United States, it would probably help your overall cause if you could put some more effort into acting the part since just focusing on your wealth redistribution plans is likely going to backfire on you. I personally hope that is the case, but it sure seems like a foolish course to be charting.

May we all be safe from liars.
May we all be happy to be honorable.
May we all see that the health of our nation is undermined by liars.
May we all, even your supporters, insist on truth from you.

Tracy Simpson

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