Whales, porpoises, and seals in New York Harbor

Dear President Trump,

If I were to step back and code my letters for positivity/negativity (hmm, only one of these words is recognized by your spell check; guess which one…) and intensity, say on a -10 to +10 scale, and recorded the codes on a calendar, I bet there would be a sort of back and forth rhythm to them since it’s hard to stay near either end of this spectrum for very long. Obviously there are all sorts of factors, and for me to hang out in the far positive region for any length of time means I’m actively ignoring scary, sick, mean things you and your administration are either doing or not doing. Of course the opposite is also true in that when I zero in on bits of the crap (since one cannot go on an exhaustive spiel about all the negative things that happen in a day in 2500 characters, which is really a good thing), I am passing over positive things that are happening.

Well, in part because I’ve gotten worn down by all the negativity lately and in part because I finally had a night without a major coughing fit, I want to focus on a lovely, positivity-filled thing I learned about yesterday — there are now regularly lots and lots of whales, porpoises, and seals in New York Harbor. I know you are from NYC so you may already know this but apparently whales coming into the Harbor in large numbers has been happening since about 2007 and now whale watching tours are being offered. The whole whale watching tour thing does make me kind of uneasy since it would seem best if we were able to just leave them alone and let them be. But, the whales surely know the Harbor is a really busy place so if they really didn’t want to be the subjects of tours, they’d opt not to visit the Harbor. Plus, we people are super concrete and we need tangible evidence that beings outside our everyday existence really exist and need safe, clean places to live so probably the more urban-bound New Yorkers who see the whales hanging out in their neighborhood, the better — just so long as they don’t take them for granted. Whatever all the politics might be, it is just so cool that there are hundreds of whales visiting NYC every year. I’m excited for them and for the people of NYC as this is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

May we keep the whales safe.
May we be happy when whales visit us.
May we get that their health and ours are linked.
May we step up and cooperate so all our lives unfold peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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