We are in so much trouble

Dear President Trump,

I read a reference yesterday to your statement from January 2016 that you could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose any votes. Sadly, I think you were right. It is absolutely heartbreaking that someone aspiring to be president of the US would think such a thing, let alone say it out loud in public, but for it to apparently be true is horrifying. You really do seem to have complete license to do anything you want and the majority of your base is likely to applaud you or at least give you a pass. I know it is a stretch, but I can imagine a scenario where you slip your secret service handlers and take a walk through Dupont Circle where, on a whim, you shoot an African American homeless man sleeping in a doorway. A police officer hears the shot and comes running. She sees you with the gun in your hand and is brave enough to stop you and to make you put the gun down. As she calls for a medic you try to cajole her into to letting this little misunderstanding go. She holds firm. A scrum of reporters show up so you start trying out different excuses for shooting an unarmed person who was asleep, veering from how you felt afraid to that it’s only a flesh wound to he’s just a parasitic homeless guy. The two that get traction are how afraid you felt and how this homeless person is a drain on society. Actually the two play off each other really well so you exploit them even as you think to yourself that you could have probably just told the truth and still have been fine.

It really feels like this is where we are, that you would not lose supporters if you did shoot someone on the margins just for the hell of it.

I know this is old ground we’ve been over before, but it feels like a terrible nightmare where I look out the window and everything looks normal but nothing is normal and the person with the most power in the world is intent on instilling fear and hatred because it’s fun and because he will be able to profit from the chaos. But I am awake and this is real and we are in so much trouble.

May we please return to some modicum of safety.
May we please be happy to see reality as it is.
May we please be healthy enough to stand up for what is right.
May we please recognize we are all in this together.

Tracy Simpson

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