Have you no sense of decency?

Dear President Trump,

This afternoon I got a garbled call from Laura just a few minutes after she left for the gym. She said there was a bad accident two blocks from our house and could I come down there. There were already two fire engines and four police cars when I got there and a huge SUV was flipped onto its roof in the middle of the intersection. Laura was talking to a police officer and the guy who’d been driving. Fortunately, miraculously, he was ok. And so was Laura. I didn’t know it then, but it was just as incredible that she was ok as it was that he was ok. He was heading North when he suddenly swerved into a parked car, ricocheted off, flipped, and skidded into the South bound lane where Laura was. Fortunately her old evasive maneuvers training kicked in and she avoided getting hit. How scary and freaky. The guy was intoxicated and was arrested and Laura managed to get to the gym where she swam and fell asleep in the sauna. Poor thing. These sorts of things happen to her at least once a year — random, life-threatening events where she is called on to save herself or someone else or both. And she doesn’t even live on the Gulf Coast.

You knew I’d come around to Houston and Hurricane Harvey, didn’t you? What’s it going to take for you to get that climate change is real? Yes, hurricanes have been happening as long as there have been oceans and land but they are now super charged by warming oceans and are becoming more and more dangerous. Really, what is it going to take? How much money do you and the Kochs need to lose before you get with the program and pull your heads out? And what is with the inane, self-aggrandizing tweeting? Have you no sense of decency and respect for what people are going through? You are truly baffling. Your insensitive nonsense is predictable, but I was surprised and saddened to see people on the political left telling each other not to send money to help Houston because Texas went for you. That is nonsense too and it makes me sick that anyone would use other people’s loss and suffering as political footballs. It is stooping to your level and I feel ashamed for them and of what we are becoming.

May we all be safe.
May we all be safe enough to be happy.
May we all be safe enough to be healthy.
May we all take care of one another no matter our differences.

Tracy Simpson

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