Instant karma

Dear President Trump,

I don’t know if everyone has it, but I’ve observed for decades that I seem to have instant karma. At least half the time I indulge in a petty or mean thought or behavior I get immediate feedback from the universe such that I stub my toe or choke on my own spit or get a paper cut, etc. It is uncanny. Why am I bothering to tell you this? It’s not because I necessarily think you have it too or if you do have it that you’d actually notice the connection between your thought, word, or deed and the feedback you get. It’s because it just happened again and it seems to have been in response to an uncharitable thought I had about you. This is actually a first, so apparently this feedback doesn’t happen quite as often for me as I was imagining since I’ve had lots and lots of uncharitable thoughts about you and I haven’t gotten a proverbial slap on the wrist for them before this evening. Maybe it was because tonight I was not giving you the benefit of the doubt about whether you are letting Houston and the rest of us down, whereas other times your failings were already well established before I thought about them. Who knows? Maybe this idea of instant karma is just goofy. I don’t have a good feeling, though, about you coming through and focusing on the problem at hand and the people affected rather than on yourself and making money on your re-election caps. Someone today said that this is a chance for you to shine at doing business and making deals since there are going to be so very many complex layers to the recovery. If you can somehow come through on that front, a lot of us might be willing to give you a pass on the compassion front. But this is a big “if” since I doubt you’ve ever put together anything that was not for your direct benefit. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I urge you to get a hold of the email Hillary Clinton sent folks on her mailing list. It made me tear up and wish like hell yet again that she was the one dealing with this tragedy in Houston and not you. There was no politic-ing, no grandstanding; just a simple expression of concern and care with encouragement to contribute to the cause of helping the flood victims there in Texas. Lovely and loving.

May we have leaders who care about our safety.
May we have leaders who are committed to everyone’s happiness.
May we have leaders who strive to care for everyone’s health.
May we have leaders who see all of us as worthy human beings.

Tracy Simpson

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