I bet you are going to pout

Dear President Trump,

I have a feeling your decision to bring John Kelly in as your new chief of staff is going to end up a “careful what you wish for” situation. If the idea is that he’ll bring firm discipline to the West Wing, you know the first place he needs to start is with you and I bet he’s not going to stomach having to babysit.

I was saying yesterday you are scary in part because you are so unpredictable and it’s unclear what you are really about other than yourself and your brand and that is true, but it is actually quite scary to think about someone being able to harness your drive to feed yourself and the other hungry billionaires by getting you in line.

I’m betting (and hoping) you will find the restraints imposed by the Kelly regime too stifling and you will end up breaking loose in some spectacular, flailing ways that undermine him and your objectives. It will probably take some time following the inevitable honeymoon period where he can do no wrong. It’ll also be a bit before you all negotiate the new ground rules that everyone signs on to because they seem so reasonable and helpful on paper. So, there will still be a week or two when he’s there in the corner office and you are still getting to do your thing and thinking bringing in Kelly was inspired and awesome. But then reality will hit in week three when he starts having to have stern talks with you and actively reins you in, insisting that every single tweet you send be vetted by him. You aren’t going to like that part and I bet you are going to pout. I also bet there will be a couple of weeks when we see much more reasonable communications from you; your speeches will be about things other than you and your win and even though the tweeting will still have a lot of CAPS and exclamation points, everything will be spelled correctly and won’t sound like an angry lunatic wrote them. But then you will chafe at the bit and will sneak short unsanctioned missives until he slaps your hand and temporarily freezes your account. Basically, I give Kelly about three months.

May you, Kelly, and the rest of us be safe.
May we all be happy.
May we all be healthy.
May our lives unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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