We watch you even though it’s exhausting

Dear President Trump,

We are having some (more) semi-forced family time on day five of our California college tour trip and we are watching selected segments of “The Office” in order to see the especially embarrassing bits with the boss, Michael Scott. Have you seen the show? You and Michael have an awful lot in common. He manages to be disrespectful and obnoxious dozens of times in each episode so we are lurching from one horrid, over-the-top, cringey thing coming out of his mouth to another, much like we do with you day to day. He is ignorant, has no taste, and he wants everything to be a big deal and about him. Honestly, it is exhausting watching him, waiting anxiously for him to put his foot in his mouth and then blithely waltz off to the next situation. Oddly, though, he does seem to have a heart, which I’m sure is what keeps people hooked in and watching the shows.

In your case, however, it is quite clear that you don’t have a heart for anyone but your donors and the only reason people keep watching you is the same reason you try and keep a reckless driver in front of you — when someone is threatening your safety it’s better if you can see what they are doing at all times. Basically, every day just keeps getting worse with you, more and more rights eroded, more safety nets shredded, more groups of people being thrown under the bus, more aspects of the environment threatened. I have no idea what you actually believe in, other than yourself and your brand (and tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy), and this makes you incredibly dangerous because you are unpredictable and anyone could be pulling your chain. So we watch you even though it’s exhausting and cringey and anxiety provoking. We have to.

May we all get through this ordeal safely.
May we all come through to a time when we can feel truly happy.
May we all keep ourselves together and healthy in spite of you.
May we all remember each of our lives is precious even if you say otherwise.

Tracy Simpson

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