Shyster hypocrisy

Dear President Trump,

We got back from our California trip this afternoon and it’s nice to be home. Does the White House seem like home to you yet? I’d actually be pretty surprised if this were the case. My bet is you like being there because it means you are president but that you really aren’t comfortable there because it isn’t what’s familiar to you and it almost certainly isn’t as luxurious as you are used to. I really don’t feel sorry for you on this count and honestly, I hope you aren’t in the White House long enough to get comfortable living there or to turn it into something akin to a Trump hotel.

Our trip to California to look at colleges with our daughter was pretty expensive for us (and paying for college the year after next is a daunting prospect since we are in the in-between zone where we make too much to get financial aid but not so much that our quality of life and retirement savings won’t take big hits). We don’t often go on week-long out of state vacations since we are frugal and generally prefer to be home, but this felt necessary so we did it.

All this has me curious how you square all your harping on the cost of security for the Obamas when they vacationed once or twice a year in Hawaii with your extremely frequent (tax payer supplied) million dollar weekends at Mar-a-lago and whatever that other golf resort is you own? Aside from the over the top security costs, your company benefits from the government having to pay for all the personnel who have to travel with you staying and eating there. How’s that for some shyster hypocrisy? You rack up costs because you can’t stay put in the White House and your business gets to charge the government top dollar fees to keep you safe. Sweet, crooked, conflicted deal. But then you are the master of such wheeling and dealing, though apparently not the sort involving consequential legislation. I wonder what it would look like if you suddenly turned over a new leaf and started acting as though you had the country’s best interest at heart instead of your own? I know I still wouldn’t like a lot of what you’d choose to do, but at least I could believe you believed you were acting honorably and that would go a long way.

May we all be safe from dishonorable politicians.
May we remember we all deserve happiness.
May we all be healthy and strong enough to stand up for what’s right.
May all our lives be guided by honor and kindness.

Tracy Simpson


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