He seemed completely unaware

Dear President Trump,

We are in California for a week to tour colleges from San Francisco down to the LA area. Today was just a brief no-guide tour through the University of San Francisco and then a side trip to the Wharf to see the sea lions. There was a floating dock crammed full of them and for the longest time they were just lounging and sunning and then two big bulls started getting testy with each other and one knocked the other off. Then for the next half hour or so they proceeded to butt and bump each other and bellow very loudly, going on and off the dock generally disturbing the peace in their efforts to dominate each other. Some of the other sea lions seemed completely oblivious and slept through it all but the two big ones knocked quite a few of others around and there was definitely some collateral damage. The one who kept blocking the other one from coming up and then looking like he was sitting up and posing reminded me of you. In his focused, concerted effort to keep his rival in the water, he seemed completely unaware that he was whacking anyone else and actually seemed to be enjoying making a ruckus. Of course he is a sea lion and I have no idea what he was thinking but a lot of the behavior was pretty darn familiar, if primitive.

It’s been a long day so I’m going to keep this short and just wish you a peaceful night with no marking of territory or knocking anyone out of your way.

May we all, including you, be safe from you.
May we all be happy to coexist on the proverbial dock together.
May we all be healthy and strong.
May all of our lives unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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