We all have the moon because none of us have it

Dear President Trump,

Looks like you and Putin didn’t pull it off as far as lifting the sanctions on Russia. I suppose for Putin tilting the election in your favor was probably worth the risk of being caught. There was absolutely no way the sanctions would have been lifted if Hillary Clinton had been elected so getting you installed as president meant there was a decent chance you’d be able to get those darn sanctions lifted and there was a 100% chance you would throw the Western world off kilter. Well, obviously he got the latter in spades but the former objective actually seems to have backfired as congress is now (finally) insisting on stronger sanctions; still pretty lame in my opinion, but somewhat stronger than before and certainly not lifted. I wonder if you are wondering if you had played things more cool and hadn’t been so gushy about Putin and his strong-man tactics whether you wouldn’t have raised so very many concerns about collusion and where your loyalties are and you could have quietly peeled back those sanctions for your bud. Actually, you both seemed to have played this really badly. If he is such a master tactician, shouldn’t he have realized that having extra long, and extra any, talks with you would look strange and make people suspicious? Basically, I don’t get you guys, but again, I’m grateful you both seem to be so enamored of yourselves and wanting to be seen playing with the other big boys that you can’t manage to be stealthy and strategic at all.

I know this will seem out of left field after all that, but I don’t want to end on a smug, if fussy note, so I want to tell you about the beautiful sliver of moon I saw over the mountains here in San Luis Obispo tonight. It was just after dusk and the sky was a hazy gray blue and the mountains were dark silhouettes and there was the barest little bit of waxing moon suspended just above them, glowing from the reflected light of the sun. Maybe you saw it tonight too. Maybe Putin did as well. Even though I don’t much like either of you, I hope you are able to enjoy seeing the moon. Sometimes I like to think about how we all have the moon because none of us have it and how perfect that is.

May we all be safe.
May we all be happy.
May we all be healthy.
May we all remember every now and again that we share the moon.

Tracy Simpson

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