We ought to be grateful

Dear President Trump,

From the vantage point of someone with a moral compass who isn’t familiar with sociopaths your mind must seem like a very confusing place to be as you whip from encouraging Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s campaign correspondence to decrying leaks in your administration to saying the Russia investigation is a witch-hunt to meeting privately with Putin. There may be a few souls left who don’t understand how you can pivot so dramatically all the time, but I think we are now divided into those of us who either understand that sociopaths’ thinking is ruled by what is to their advantage and those who simply don’t see any contradictions in your behaviors and think all the fuss is partisan B.S. So here we are, stuck with a president who has no compunction about doing whatever will benefit him and who appears to be so cocksure of himself he doesn’t even try to present a uniform facade of reason or legality.

I suppose we ought to be grateful you are so driven by your own base impulses to benefit and protect yourself you can’t think through the consequences of tweeting whatever comes to mind. At least this way we have a clear indicator of when we are getting cooler, warmer, or hotter, like “20 Questions” without the questions. How were you able to hold it together in business deals and not tip your hand all the time? Maybe when you were younger you were able to be strategic and not slip so many tells or maybe you’ve always been in the habit of doing and saying whatever the hell you want and getting away with it because you are a rich bully. Still, it must be driving you mad now that your every move is scrutinized and parsed and that there are people working in your White House who seem to be driven by a moral imperative to let the world know what you all are trying to get away with (or maybe by revenge for having been treated shabbily by higher ups, who knows?). Whatever is driving the leaks and whatever is driving your own ill-advised tells, thank goodness for them. If you were super smart and strategic and had a firm grip on your entire operation, we’d be hosed.

May we all be safe from effective evil-doers.
May we all be happy to call out wrong-doing.
May we all be healthy enough to face the truth.
May all our lives unfold and intersect with integrity.

Tracy Simpson

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