“Made in America Week”

Dear President Trump,

As always there are lots of worthy topics I could write you about between Sean Spicer resigning and Jeff Sessions being on the ropes and maybe down for the count, but I’m going to focus on it having been “Made in America Week.” Who in your administration thought this was a good idea? You and Ivanka are notorious for using the cheapest foreign labor and materials you can find to manufacture your goods. What percentage of your goods is actually made here in the U.S.? I’m betting it’s pretty dang low. And didn’t anyone stop to think how bad it would look to ask for nearly a hundred temporary work visas to bring in foreign low-wage workers for Mar-a-lago during “Made in America Week”? The official comment that it’s nearly impossible to find help in Palm Beach is incredibly lame. So really, this looks like yet another badly conceived rah-rah attempt that’s just making you and your family/administration look stupid. Is there a mole in your administration who is feeding you ideas that on the surface look as though they will fluff you up but in reality just make you look like lame hypocrites?

Although we didn’t invent hypocrisy here in America, it sure seems like it’s something we are awfully good at generating ourselves since you took office. Dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of disgusting examples of hypocrisy have come out of your administration to date and no doubt there will be countless more in the days and weeks ahead. And these are at least matched, if not outdone, by the Republican held House and Senate, which are allowing you to get away with what smells like treason.

How are we ever going to clean up this greed-fueled mess that’s propped up by fear mongering? We need brave souls with integrity to work together to cut the crap and get us on a course that is characterized by defensible core values that lift everyone up rather than just the favored few.

May we be safe from double-speak.
May we be happy to follow reasonable rules for civil conduct.
May we be healthy enough not to give in to our base impulses.
May our lives unfold and intersect generously and peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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