So it’s not about some silly fight with Obama’s legacy

Dear President Trump,

I keep having to step back and reconsider the ideas I float for helping our country because I realize later I’ve neglected some crucial aspect of the problems. This time it’s that the Sleeping Beauty idea of some more liberal portion of us braving the dense thicket of B.S. dividing us from your base to shower love on them presupposes they are waiting in some sort of stasis to be awakened from the spell you, Carl Rove, and the merchants have cast upon them. If there were some semblance of sleep going on it would almost certainly involve a weapon under the pillow such that anyone dumb enough to try planting a kiss wouldn’t even make it into the room. Clearly not a good strategy. But then what is? If it takes willingness on both sides to work toward some common ground, how can we get there when one side thinks the other is duped and deranged and other side thinks the rest are threatening their livelihoods and daughters? All this is fueled overtly and covertly by puppet politicians and shadowy oligarchs who are pulling everyone’s strings to keep their profit margins fat and the populace off balance and unthinking.

It looks like your attack on healthcare is playing it this way too. The overt attack on the ACA, although failed in the grand sense, managed to undermine the market’s stability and your covert attack would undo key bits and pieces without changing the law in ways so the whole thing topples in on itself. Interestingly, everyone seems to have bought your line that this is all about dismantling President Obama’s signature legislation. I realize this plays well to your base but I don’t think it’s the driving force behind this. If we look at what results from throwing the healthcare system into disarray, it’s safety and health, the foundational cornerstones of stable lives, and when they are threatened, quality of life (and life itself) is threatened and people get anxious. If we look at who gains from a healthcare system in disarray and an anxious populace, it’s the ultra-wealthy who can consolidate their holdings and keep people hooked on material crap that takes the edge off the anxiety. So it’s not about some silly fight with Obama’s legacy; that’s a cover.

May we all be willing to take care of our safety.
May we all not sacrifice true happiness on the alter of consumerism.
May we all be willing to push back in the interest of health.
May our all our lives be in the service of life.

Tracy Simpson

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