Rising hoards

Dear President Trump,

I realized right after I sent your letter yesterday that there’s another, far more cynical, more likely scenario with the 2020 census count that I completely missed that would allow you to indulge in foisting histrionics about government surveillance onto your base. Basically I can see how you all would actually think it in your best interest to suppress the count of white Americans so it ends up looking like the population is tipping more toward non-whites than it is, thus giving you more of a platform for whipping up fear and hate among your base. It’s a fairly convoluted idea but it’s just creepy and sadistic enough that my intuition tells me it’s more likely than you all wanting every last white person to stand up and be counted to somehow prove white numeric dominance. It fits your M.O. much better to have the narrative skew towards fears that “White Culture” is mortally threatened by the rising hoards of Black and Brown and Asian and Native people and only you can save pure white people. This would cement the isolationist, America-first stance and sow even more race-based suspicion and animosity.

And unfortunately if this dark scenario were to come to pass, I don’t see there being a way to appeal to reason and to pierce the foggy shroud of misdirection you all have already set in motion. Short of some wake up fairy dust sprinkled over the populace, I think we might be doomed to be caught in your all’s orchestrated nightmare of fear and estrangement. I wonder though, whether we might want to think about more of a Sleeping Beauty sort of tale than a Tinkerbell tale. What if we went with the idea of some brave souls, male and female, breaking through the impossibly thick, tall hedge of poisonous thorns and finding the ones who are asleep because of an evil spell and kissing them awake. What if instead of yelling at them through the hedge and telling them they are stupid for being under the evil trolls’ spell, we actually broke through and touched them and symbolically kissed them and loved them? What if we show up instead of calling it in, hoping someone will pick up? Crazy? High-risk? Dangerous? Imperative.

May we all feel safe and secure enough to be counted.
May we all be happy to connect and share this country.
May we all be healthy enough to see through evil fogs.
May we step up for each other with love, grace, and peace.

Tracy Simpson

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