McConnell must be really desperate

Dear President Trump,

I’ve been traveling all day so haven’t been able to keep up with the news except to see that Senator McConnell is threatening to resort to something nearly unthinkable if he can’t get the Republican votes he needs to pass the wealth redistribution bill otherwise known as the Senate healthcare bill — a bipartisan effort to fix problems in the existing ACA! What an antiquated, radical idea. Seems like heads could roll if it comes to this.

Ok. Sorry. I’m being a smart ass. Actually, I’m really happy to hear that he is entertaining this idea. Although I wish we could get to a single payer system and be done with the crazy insurance industry, I know there are issues with the ACA that need to be addressed. Given we are nowhere near going with a single payer system, it doesn’t seem wise to seriously disrupt things if we don’t have to, especially since the sort of tear down proposed by the House and the Senate seems mostly motivated by greed and vengeance, neither of which are good foundations for major decision-making that affects millions of people. I’m not going to get too excited and giddy about the prospect of a bipartisan effort on healthcare, which may actually include some women and possibly input from the medical establishment, but how cool that this is a possibility. I don’t want the legislation offered by either the Senate or the House to move forward for lots and lots of reasons and now the prospect that scrapping those cynical, lame efforts could lead to a forced bipartisan effort is all the more reason to drop those things like hot turds. I’m sure there are hundreds of ways Republicans and Democrats actually do work together on things as long as they are able to fly under the radar and aren’t at risk of being accused of selling out (aka negotiating, compromising, etc.), but for these two groups to publicly take on a high visibility, high stakes effort like this would be huge right now. I would very much appreciate it if you would either encourage this bipartisan Plan B or sit this one out. In the interest of our lawmakers working together on behalf of all of us, I send this collective blessing:

May we all be safe and make sound decisions.
May we all be happy to cooperate.
May we all be healthy and wise (and let go of the emphasis on wealth).
May we recognize that our lives and our well-being are interdependent.

Tracy Simpson

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