How about we act more like children?

Dear President Trump,

Even though I have switched up the LKM blessing I send you to include all of us in the world, I want to be sure you know you are still the most difficult person in my life and I still say an LKM blessing specifically for you every day. When I focus on you I call you by your first name to help me remember you are really just another person who was once a child. Referring to you as “Donald” helps me be more gentle and understanding towards you, which is the main point of this practice. In Christian parlance this would be the idea that you too are a child of God.

Even though I can’t really go along with the idea of some great spirit parent of us all out there in the universe, I think there is some deep wisdom in thinking about us all as children. Children are vulnerable and need care and if we accepted that we are all vulnerable and need care we’d almost certainly be stronger together. Children are still growing and learning and if we accepted that it is ok to continue growing and learning as long as we are alive, things would be more fun and we’d be less concerned with appearing to have it all under control. Children are expected to make mistakes and if we all were expected to fail and make mistakes, we’d be more willing to take risks and try new stuff. Children are innately curious and not satisfied with pat answers so just think how much more vibrant and plugged in we all would be if we stayed curious and questioned the answers (and the questions). When we consider the lives of children we rarely think of them in isolation but rather in the context of families and friend networks and so if we were to really hold onto the idea that we are all children of God or the Universe we would be more apt to think of ourselves as members of a large, interconnected family of beings rather than as isolated individuals or little tiny family units. Children tend to be empathetic and kind and children are joy-prone. They are silly and exuberant and if we allowed ourselves to keep those capacities for silly, exuberant, kindly joy alive, or worked to resurrect them if they’ve been squashed out of us, we’d probably all get along better. So, Donald, I hope you will join me in blessing us all.

May we be vulnerable and safe together.
May we be happy and joyful together.
May we be healthy and curious together.
May we recognize our lives are vitally interconnected,
and may we be exuberantly peaceful together.

Tracy Simpson

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