“You can never have too much money”

Dear President Trump,

When I was 24 I lived with roommates in Boston after college, working at the VA as a research assistant preparing to apply to graduate school. When it was time to actually apply I did the math and realized I couldn’t afford the cost of grad school applications, pay rent, and eat ok for the month. I talked with my mom about it but she couldn’t help as she was still paying for college for my two sisters. She suggested I talk with my dad. Seems sensible, right? But I knew it wasn’t going to go well. He’d already refused to help pay for my college when I opted not to go to a state school and he wasn’t helping my sisters for the same reason. (He went to a small, private liberal arts college himself and he made very good money as a CPA.) I was desperate though, so I went ahead and asked. He said “no,” he couldn’t spare the $800 and as a side note added that one can never have too much money. He told me to ask my grandparents. Again, I didn’t want to but I was desperate so I did. They agreed to loan me the money as long as I signed a promissory note. I signed, they sent me the money, I paid my rent, applied to and got into graduate school, and over the next couple of years faithfully paid them back.

The main point of telling you all this is to give you the context of that side note of my father’s, that one can never have too much money. He’s not a bad person and I think in his way he loves me and loved me then, but if someone can refuse their own child a few hundred dollars they could comfortably afford to share because it would diminish how much money they personally have, I think it’s not hard to see how very wealthy people can feel justified in creating and taking tax breaks that benefit them and hurt poor strangers. If one believes one can truly never have enough money then it is logical to do everything in one’s power to ensure more and more money comes in and nothing goes out that doesn’t absolutely have to or that isn’t for one’s own direct benefit. However, those without such resources who are seeing their prospects darken and shrink while the wealthy get wealthier aren’t likely to let that go very quickly and I think we are coming to a major reckoning around the Senate tax breaks for the wealthy cloaked as a healthcare bill. I hope you can come around to the right side of this one.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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