It’s about getting money to rich people faster, isn’t it?

Dear President Trump,

I keep trying to figure out the calculus you all are using in your various efforts to undo safety nets and protections. I get that the basic overall goal is more money for wealthy people, that much is abundantly clear even with the hand waving about smaller, more efficient government and less governmental interference in “ordinary” Americans’ choices. The bottom line is more money for billionaires and more choices for billionaires regarding how to accumulate more wealth. But how you are going about it is confusing to me. I’m thinking particularly about the healthcare legislation process wherein the House and now the Senate are patching together and shoving through some sort of Frankenstein-like package no one wants that will end up costing tax payers more to address the fall-out of so many people losing access to insurance. The “shoving through” part seems especially odd since it means whatever is foisted on us will be undone by the next administration and your buddies in Congress are in grave danger of being voted out of office by the working class people the bill hurts. However, when I step back and refocus on the end goal of more money for wealthy people, this strategy of shoving something through gets more money to wealthy people faster than a collaborative process that might have better staying power. It’s not about staying power, is it? Maybe that’s the bug in your works that’s been confusing me since this process really won’t work well over time, but if you all don’t care about the longer-term picture, I guess you can manipulate and shove through whatever you want.

However you all are thinking about this and whatever is fueling this crazy insatiable greed of yours, I do think it’s going to bite you and your congressional toadies soon because the American people are not going to stand for it. Maybe you are banking on the liberals and Democrats not being able to pull together persuasive, coherent messaging in time and if so, that’s a reasonable gamble on your part at this point since we certainly seem to be struggling. But this isn’t rocket science and we will get it together and you are helping us because you are showing your hand so blatantly in this healthcare legislation process. So thank you. Sort of.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.
May you broaden your base to include us ALL.

Tracy Simpson

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