Slithery lies under oath

Dear President Trump,

I’ve been trying to remember whether I had to swear to tell the truth when we went through mediation with the crazy, brazen woman who sued us for $80,000 when our dog grazed her middle finger after we told her not to reach out to the dog suddenly (which she did). There wasn’t a bible involved but we had to agree to tell the truth as we knew it. It was actually quite easy. The woman clearly thought we were easy marks she’d be able to clean out so she could pay off her debt from buying a bunch of fraudulent Beanie Babies from China. I know. It’s nuts. The sad part is we ended up settling for $20,000 because our daughter had just been born and the lawyers told us taking it to trial would end up costing far more. So even though none of the actual independent doctor assessments supported her and the mediators wanted me to explain Borderline Personality Disorder to them because they thought she had it, we paid to end the mess. But we left with our integrity intact. She didn’t.

All this brings me to Jeff Sessions’ slithery performance today before the Senate Intelligence Committee. It’s really interesting how painful it seems to be to people to have to lie or dodge questions when they are under oath. Maybe it’s because they realize the stakes are exceedingly high if they are caught in those lies so it sets up an awful dilemma; do I come clean now and face certain punishment and wrath or do I take my chances and hope I’ll get away with it even though I know things will be even worse for me if I’m caught in the lie? I haven’t brought myself to actually watch any of the tape from the hearings but everything I’ve read has Mr. Sessions sounding defensive and dodgy and as though he wished he could fall through the floor and not stop until he hit bedrock (something he could trust to be solid). Too bad we didn’t have Wonder Woman in the wings to put her magic truth lariat around him so he could be free to tell the truth. Sadly, we will have to do this the old fashioned way and keep putting people under oath, asking them hard questions, and watching carefully how they respond. And so we shall, and eventually we’ll get to the bottom of this mess.

Here is your blessing for today;

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May you embrace integrity.
May you life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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