I doubt there’s much internal discord there

Dear President Trump,

This morning I came across a psychological measure I’d not been aware of before that assesses the degree to which people are comfortable with having discordant attitudes and behavior or engaging in discordant behaviors. I wonder how you’d score on it. I think a lot of people would presume your score would indicate a great deal of comfort with lots of internal discord since you seem reactive and unpredictable and to not care one whit. But I’m not so sure. I actually think there are two other possibilities that would have you scoring like someone who is not comfortable with discordant behaviors. One possibility is that you are really unable to track from one moment to the next whether your behaviors are consistent and whether your behaviors make sense in the context of your stated attitudes. In other words, you may not be bright enough to get that you don’t make sense or perhaps you have a dementia. Either way, you may actually believe strongly you are consistent because you can’t see you aren’t. The second possibility is that your behaviors really are all governed by self-interest and because whatever is in your self-interest in a given moment shifts depending on the moving sands of the political and economic landscape, you look like you are all over the place when really you are just doggedly following the moving bone that’s buried in the moving sands. Again, you could see yourself as highly consistent and in this case you would be even if no one else can tell. Obviously, these two things may both be true — you could be both not very bright or able to track and acting out of colossal self-interest. There is also the possibility that you purposely behave in erratic ways to retain the power of unpredictability and here again, you could be highly uncomfortable with being inconsistent because you would be intentionally inconsistent, which is consistent. Or maybe it’s base fear and you are consistently scrambling desperately to deflect, cover, fight or whatever you think might save you.

Whatever is driving this maddening behavior, it must be miserable to be in your head so here is your day’s blessing:

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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