Presidential or Preening?

Dear President Trump,

I wish I could feel something other than dread and anticipatory embarrassment (a feeling I didn’t even know was possible until today) about your first trip abroad as president. There are so incredibly many ways you could mess this up. When I heard you are planning to address an assembly in Saudi Arabia about Islam I thought at first it was a joke and when I learned it’s actually true, I felt sick to my stomach. Even if you are trying to be on your best, not-bigoted-looking behavior it will be a miracle if you can hold it together for the requisite amount of time. And even if you were to manage to stay on whatever script your handlers have written for you, you all are so clueless about your cluelessness that there will almost certainly be deeply offensive insinuations, at the very least. Please don’t start a war.

Yesterday someone who proudly and righteously calls herself a small “l” libertarian was instructing me on how liberals are unable to deal with anything rationally and resort to emotional ad hominen attacks. Under the circumstances I opted not to say how ironic this perspective is but it’s certainly how a lot of big and small “l” liberals think those on the far right behave. In other words, we are seeing the same bad behavior in the other and claiming we are walking the high road in being reasonable and fair in our discourse. I think we are both right and we are both wrong in our estimations of the other. I also think we are in a lot of trouble, all of us.

Remember the silly “poems” kids made out of their names or their school’s names? I thought for fun I’d make a couple using your name as an exercise in seeing how wildly differently different people perceive you. No doubt with more time and obsessing, I could come up with more clever word choices, but I’ve got better things to do with the rest of my day so here you are…..

T Tough T Totalitarian
R Revolutionary R Revolting
U Uniting U Undermining
M Masterful M Misogynistic
P Presidential P Preening

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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