LKM for strangers = little periscopes

Dear President Trump,

Does it really feel to you like the appointment of a special counsel is a witch hunt or is this more bluster to try and ensure your base stays in your corner? There may be multi-verses where alternate streams of reality play out (maybe, who knows?), but I bet in precious few of them are you fully disclosing everything you know and everything you did to get elected. Of course, being on the side of the narrative that I am, I do believe there are meaningful things for you to disclose about your ties with Russia. Your failure to release your tax returns helps shore up this perspective but so do rumors of money laundering and your son’s statement that you all haven’t needed to use regular banks for years because you have plenty of Russian financing available. Right now almost all this is circumstantial but it doesn’t look good for you.

I was reflecting this morning on the parts of my loving-kindness meditation having to do with strangers and all beings and found myself wishing you would try saying LKM blessings for strangers who are unlike you and for all beings, say, maybe 1,000 times a day. Although 1,000 times a day would be reasonable, even once a day would be a great start. Both these parts of the prayer sequence are almost like little periscopes, encouraging us to poke our heads up out of the focus on our own lives and the lives of those close in to us. These parts of the prayer encourage curiosity about the random stranger who we happen to encounter and to actively wish her well. For me, the part of the prayer sequence when I wish all beings safety, happiness, health, and peace can sometimes be a gloss but more and more I’m using it to remind myself of our interconnections and our similarities. We (I) tend to focus so much on what differentiates and divides us that we (I) need active antidotes. We need little periscopes through which we can peer, even if imperfectly, into the eyes of people we don’t understand or are afraid of. May you find and use such a periscope.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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