Our government is turning on us

Dear President Trump,

I’ll admit that I sometimes put things on my to-do list that are super easy just to be able cross them off quickly. But big, complex, important things can stay on my list for weeks or months because they are hard to plow through and get done properly. Often I’ll break those big, important things down into sub-components to make it all easier to tackle. I think most mature people operate this way, at least when it comes to big important things. Maybe it’s kind of immature to pad the list with things that I would do just as a matter of course and really don’t deserve to take up space on a to-do list. There’s no real harm in it, though, if they are trivial things and I just need a little boost from getting to cross them off.

There is harm, though, in crossing a big important thing like healthcare reform off one’s list just to cross it off the list, particularly when one rushes and pushes through a product that isn’t well thought out and its implications haven’t been examined. What an empty, childish exercise that was. Everyone knows the Senate is not going allow the bill to stand in anything remotely like its current form and it seems like House Republicans are actually counting on that. It looks like they just voted for it to appease you and maybe some of their constituents who think any vote against Obamacare is a correct vote even if it means they lose their coverage. It looks like they just voted for a slapped together bill that hadn’t gone through proper vetting because of peer pressure and wanting to cross this annoying thing off their list. If this is correct, what a sad, cynical, and incredibly scary state of affairs that the elected officials who are supposed to be governing and looking out for the well-being of the citizens of this country would dash off a healthcare bill that will raise premiums, not fairly cover those with pre-existing conditions, and will further line the pockets of the wealthy with yet more tax breaks. And you were the chief instigator bullying them into that vote when you didn’t even know what the bill said.

I’m getting mighty tired of all this. We should not have to worry about our government turning on us. But it is and we do.

Even though it feels like spitting into the wind, here is your blessing:

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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