I can’t keep up aggrieved crisis mode all day every day

Dear President Trump,

I think you all should change the choice in the “Message Type” selection box for sending you messages since it’s really not the case when people use this portal and click “Contact the President” that we are actually contacting you. At best we are lobbing words in your general direction and really, it’s seems just as likely we are sending words somewhere overseas to be cursorily tagged as either friendly or unfriendly to you. So why not cut to the chase and ask us if we want to stroke your ego or rail on you? Ok, that is probably unkind but as I said yesterday, the messages and blessings I’m sending you are feeling like spitting into the wind most days.

Sort of switching gears, today was a lovely sunny, seasonably warm day here in Seattle, finally. Laura and I got a lot of yard work done. As usual, we didn’t finish quite all that needs to be done, but we were at it for about three hours and it felt good to pull weeds, trim things back, and generally restore some semblance of order. At one point I think we heard three lawnmowers in the neighborhood going at once. It felt super ordinary. And the afternoon’s super-ordinariness felt strange because actually, things are not at all ordinary. Tomorrow France votes whether to head down the same dark isolationist road of nationalism we have been treading ahead of them. And you all are no doubt cooking up some new, sensational horror to distract us from the Russia collusion questions. Things are most decidedly not normal, but it sure is hard to stay in an aggrieved crisis mode all day every day. Some people seem able to do it. We get probably ten over the top urgent emails every day from different liberal groups trying to raise money to thwart you and/or the Republicans on various fronts. Every one of them is trying to break through the exhaustion and malaise that is setting in, and unfortunately the effect is that nearly all of them sound hysterical and overblown. But really, they are right — what you all are doing is hideous and odious and you need to be stopped. And my garden needed weeding. Both are true. And honestly, the thing I could do something about today was weeding the garden, so I did.

But be assured, I’m going to keep lobbing words and blessings in your general direction too. It’s what I can do.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy and truly strong.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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