How vigorously righteous you look

Dear President Trump,

You are getting a lot of props for launching nearly 60 missiles at an air base in Syria. All sorts of people are coming out saying you did the right thing by taking powerful action that communicates a strong message to Assad and also to Iran and North Korea. How vigorously righteous you look and you can preen and talk about how much more effective you are than President Obama was.

Never mind that you didn’t get authorization from Congress. Never mind that right after this latest chemical attack on civilians you were busy attacking Susan Rice on Twitter and not paying attention to the children and babies who had been killed, just like the hundreds of children and babies who were killed by Assad (and Russia?) in recent months. Never mind that the people at the air base apparently cleared out well ahead of the attack. Never mind that you have said up until yesterday it’s not the US’s role to enforce international law. Never mind that you absolutely needed to find a way to make it look like you are not under Putin’s influence given all the swirling questions about Russian interference in the election and your campaign’s role in it. Never mind that Russia has now, conveniently and publicly, condemned the attack.

So whoever thought this one up should get major kudos for delivering a seriously great package for you, a real two-fer; you get to look like the heroic presidential figure who finally put his foot down and gave Assad what for AND those “heroic” actions get you public condemnation from Russia. It’s all very handy for you politically right now. But what’s next? How is this going to play out? Your thumb is now firmly on the Syria scale and I bet you have no idea what that means for us and for the international community. You just know you can now say to your detractors that you couldn’t possibly be an agent of Russia since you went against them on this. Hmm.

You need all the blessings you can get so here are mine for you for today;

May you be safe (please)
May you be happy
May you be healthy
May your life unfold and intersect PEACEFULLY (please)

Tracy Simpson

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