Scared witless, early to middle-stage dementia, or both

Dear President Trump,

For the most part I have avoided watching your press conferences or reading your speeches and interviews. They are so painful to witness because I disagree with you on the content so profoundly and I find them embarrassing. Yesterday though, I ended up watching your press conference with King Abdullah and reading your interview with the NYT and came away from both badly shaken. Your speech patterns are either those of someone so deeply in over his head that he is scared witless or those of someone with early to middle-stage dementia, or both. I haven’t undertaken a formal analysis, but there is almost no real content in your output. You resort to bluster, incoherent blaming, boasting, and digression in response to virtually all direct questions. I know this is harsh and I might not have the nerve to say this to you in person, but there isn’t any percentage in trying to sugar coat it because it is so very consequential that you don’t seem to be able to focus and frame responses in an intelligent, thoughtful, articulate manner, ever. On the surface people can make all sorts of jokes and jabs at your expense, but this is very serious business and you are putting us all (as in the entire world, not just Americans) in jeopardy. If your (and/or Russia’s) goal is to destabilize the Western world and thereby the entire world by undermining confidence in the US through an inarticulate, vapid, and divisive leader who appears petty, unsure, and capricious, it’s working.

I noticed that the one place you were careful with your words yesterday was in stating disappointment in Russia’s support of Al-Assad and not condemning Russia for their collusion. Maybe it’s because you realize that if you publicly condemn Russia it would only be logical to condemn yourself for the ban you want to impose on Syrian refugees, those innocent babies and children who have somehow managed to survive the carnage inflicted on their families for years, not just this week. Or maybe condemning Russia is not in the script you have to follow from Putin. Or both. You are in quite a bind and it’s clear you have no idea how to manage it so I send you a blessing to put some more energy on the side of safety, sanity, and compassion.

May you and your actions be safe.
May you be happy and may you want happiness for all.
May you be healthy and may your strength be infused with integrity.
May you embrace peace.

Tracy Simpson

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