We are on to you two

Dear President Trump,

I’m relieved other people with much more visibility than I’ll ever have are asking out loud why you made such a dramatic turn-around in bombing Syria and whether it was motivated by a desire to put distance between your White House and Russia. I was feeling worried yesterday morning when most of the reports and opinions I was seeing were lauding the bombing decision and just attributing it to your “change of heart” and saying how decisive and presidential it made you look. When I saw Bruni’s editorial I found I could breathe a lot better.

I do think, though, that he missed on his answer to who you are as he only asked whether you are uninformed or unformed. I think he should have been asking whether you are a handy puppet for Russia who can be steered to respond in ways that serve Russia’s interests. It’s also entirely possible all this unpredictable emotionality is a complete ruse that gives you (and Russia) cover for strategically orchestrating things to serve Russia’s interests and your financial interests. I don’t have enough access to all the relevant information so we’ll see as things unfold. But something stinks badly in all this so I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin put Assad up to the chemical attacks so you’d have an excuse to bomb a base in Syria and Putin could then say this caused a breach in Russia/US relations and you would deflect attention from the election interference and possible collusion issues. Basically, I don’t trust you and I do not trust Putin. At all. And all this does not add up to a “clean” attack.

Then there is the question I asked you yesterday. Now what? You can’t just bomb a country and turn on your heel and walk off into the sunset blowing the smoke at the end of your gun. Doesn’t work that way. So, really, now what? Are you and Putin going to engineer it so he gets Assad to “agree to get rid of his chemical weapons” and you then drop sanctions on Russia? Are you and Russia planning to split access to Syria’s oil? Or is that part of the pot just for Russia? Or are the rest of us going to find ways to stop you two? I am banking on the last option. The world depends on it.

And still, here’s your blessing —

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy and truly strong.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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