Tolerance was starting to get traction

Dear President Trump,

I wonder if you know the myth of Cronus, the Father of Time who upon learning in a prophecy that his children were destined to overthrow him someday, just went ahead and ate them. It might be too arcane for you, but it got me thinking how time really eats all children simply by its nature since children grow up and become adults over time. What has any of this got to do with you, you might ask (if you were reading my messages, that is).

Well, normally we like to think of children getting older and turning into adults after having had fulfilling, safe, happy, healthy, and peaceful childhoods that were free from crappy things like bullying, abuse, famine, disease, war. There are kids who get to have such childhoods (safe, happy, healthy, peaceful ones that is) and we were on an uptick in the proportions who were getting to have such childhoods until around November of 2016. It was becoming increasingly not ok for kids to bully other kids for being gay, gender-nonconforming, poor, black, Latino/a, Asian, short, etc. Those messages of tolerance were starting to get traction just as efforts to address abuse, hunger, AIDS, malaria, dysentery, war, water safety, desertification, etc. here and in other parts of the world were starting to show results. But then you came crashing onto the scene and decided that instead of trying to lift everyone up, it makes tons more sense to revert to the old “might is right” white supremacist ways where entire childhoods are ferociously swallowed up and kids are spit out as broken, angry, alienated adults who might turn on those who harmed them but are far more likely to turn on themselves. A lot of us are going to weather your time in office ok. We are going to get by and can wait this dark time out, but children’s lives are likely to be forever adversely affected by the unleashing of hate and aggression you have signaled is a-OK with you, that you’ve let be known is how you think real, strong people should be behaving toward others.

So President (Cronus) Trump, can you mend your ways and see that fomenting bullying and abuse, disease and famine that disproportionately impacts children is a poor way to go? I hope so. For your sake some, but mostly for the world’s children’s sake, I send you this blessing.

May you and all the children be safe.
May you and all the children be happy.
May you and all the children be healthy.
May your life and all children’s lives unfold peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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