Stopped clocks are right more often than you

Dear President Trump,

It has been true from day 1 of your presidency that there are more scary things deserving of comment coming out of your administration than I can count, but lately I’ve been feeling almost like I should just pull something randomly out of a hat to write to you about. There’s so much you all are screwing up and so much that you seem absolutely (willfully) clueless about. It’s truly amazing that everything you touch, and I mean everything, gets messed up. Stopped clocks are right twice a day and you all can’t even reach that bar.

Today let’s focus on how you and your administration are doing women. I agree with Filipovic (NYT 3/29/17) that all those photos of you signing things where you are surrounded by a sea of white men is not accidental on your part. It’s no oversight that there are no women and no people of color present; you all want to project to your base that you are all about being true to the founding fathers right down to the banishment of anyone without a penis or who is not of European descent. Actually, I think you want to project this to everyone. I think you want the message to be loud and strong and in our faces that you rich white men are in power and the rest of us are not. To screw around with a sham show of sensitivity to diversity would undermine your messaging and would risk giving the wrong impression. It might also risk having to deal with someone who you don’t have a definite lock on, someone who might ask a pointed question or make an observation that points out the cruel, illogical nature of whatever you are doing. They might be an uncomfortably visible reminder of exactly who you are screwing over when you sign whatever it is you are signing. Also immensely inconvenient and unwelcome is the possibility that there might be a twinge of conscience if someone were in the room who resembled those of us who are going to suffer from whatever unholy executive order you are dashing off.

So you just keep it up. Please don’t start doing anything anyone would think is politically correct (in other words, basically decent and humane) because eventually your base is going to see that they aren’t safe either and the rest of us will be able to keep our outrage and energy focused.

Because you need it so badly, here is your daily blessing:

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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