Selling our children’s futures down the river

Dear President Trump,

I know you never see these messages I send you. I am clear about that and know that even if you did see them, you wouldn’t care one tiny iota what I have to say. I wish I were a big enough person to be able to honestly say this is ok with me, but it bothers me that you are impervious to whatever logic I can throw at you because the stakes are so incredibly high.

Your shortsighted decision to pull us out of the climate change accords is so beyond baffling and frustrating I can’t really articulate how I feel. All I can think to say is — what are you thinking? Or, — what is wrong with you? Or, — why are you selling our children and grandchildren’s futures down the river so that a few coal miners can continue to worsen their black lung disease and you and your friends can make even more money? But really, this is just what you are about. Short-term profit wins out over long-term safety, happiness, health, and peace. Pretty sucky trade-off, if you ask me. But, right, you didn’t ask me and you don’t care what I think because I’m not a wealthy, white man who is going to make you richer. Right. I keep forgetting that my voice doesn’t count in your world. My child’s voice doesn’t count. My friends’ voices down count. None of us are wealthy white men who are going to make you richer. Right. We don’t count and actually we are probably in the negative column in your ledger since not only will we not make you richer, we don’t just go along quietly with your short-sighted, ham-fisted decisions and obediently swoon and look up to you as the strong “Daddy” protector like so many women who voted for you.

Too bad. I’m going to keep this up as long as I have to because I will not allow my spirit to be poisoned by you even if my drinking water and the air that I breathe is.

May you be safe (today and tomorrow).
May you be happy (today and tomorrow).
May you be healthy (today and tomorrow).
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully (today and tomorrow).

Tracy Simpson

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