You underestimated us

Dear President Trump,

I imagine there is much gnashing of teeth going on at your house tonight. Personally, I am enjoying imagining the unclenching of teeth going on in a great many more houses tonight as it sinks in that we can relax for a few minutes knowing our health care isn’t going to be taken from us any time soon. You were so confident that it would be a cinch to replace the Affordable Care Act with something more profitable for the 1%. You underestimated us. You also appear to have ignored (or never learned) the fundamental leadership tactics of doing one’s homework and reconciling major within party differences before going public with a major piece of legislation.

It also seems that you never got the message about the importance of sportsmanship and losing gracefully. You’ve got to know that you were never going to have the Democrats lining up to support a health care bill that further disenfranchised the poor, limited choice across the board, and was more expensive to consumers. Not in a million years. It’s completely disingenuous and silly of you to now be blaming the lack of votes in the House on the Democrats. The credit really belongs to the fractured Republican party, quite a few of whom showed the sense to object to the bill because it would have left too many people in their states uninsured. That’s all on you and Speaker Ryan; you did not need the Democrats’ help on this one.

In closing tonight, I send you my usual blessing with a particular emphasis on the last phrase as I’m quite worried that you are going to resort to violence in an attempt to reestablish as sense of dominance and control. I pray you don’t go down that path.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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