It’s hard to muster compassion for cheaters

Dear President Trump,

When I thought that you were just a poor president who was hell-bent on dismantling all the progress we’ve made over the last 60 years so that you and your friends could get back to the big business of robbing the poor to pay the rich it was much easier to write to you. I could get a good lather of righteous indignation going and pull something out of the news or my own life to frame what I thought you needed to do, or more often, not do. I almost wish those days were back since it all felt so much clearer and cleaner.

Now that it looks like there is a very real possibility that your campaign staff, and perhaps you, were involved in an unfathomable level of treasonous cheating to win the election, I feel nearly at a loss as to how to approach this turn of events. It’s one thing to disagree profoundly with someone and to find many of their attitudes and actions oppressive and odious, but it’s another to find that they quite likely cheated to get into the position of power that enables them to enact those oppressive and odious things. If you all do not have a mandate from the people and the only mandate you have is from Russia and wealthy shadow sponsors who want their coffers lined with the peoples’ safety nets, then you are truly despicable and need to be impeached as soon as possible (and Pence cannot be installed in your stead). I personally have no way of knowing whether you actually colluded with Russia to influence the election, but I do know that your failure to release your tax returns and all the talk about the wonders of Putin do not look good for you.

I have always had a deep, deep thing about cheating and I sometimes annoy my family and work colleagues with my concerns about never cutting corners or being unfair so although it feels more fraught and awkward, sending you blessings every day has taken on a new level of importance for me.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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