It won’t work to just impeach you and install Pence

Dear President Trump,

Today seems like a good day to start with a blessing;

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

We’ve all known it was coming but having Director Comey definitively say that the FBI is investigating whether your campaign worked with Russia to influence the election (elections?) is deeply disturbing. Also deeply disturbing has been your responses to the announcement. Your focus on identifying leakers is mind boggling and treating the investigation into Russia’s election tampering and your possible collusion as though it is fake news begs the question of how you think you can have it both ways. If those who alerted the media about Russia and your campaign’s concerning ties to Russia were just blowing smoke then they weren’t actually leaking anything real so why worry so much about them. However, if they were disclosing situations of substance then those situations cannot be dismissed as fake news. You can’t plausibly have it both ways.

Moving on from the logic-fail, what I’m concerned about is how your presidency, which is under such a scary cloud of suspicion with regard to its legitimacy, can move forward with major policy changes. On the surface it may seem simply obstructionist to block everything you are trying to do and had the circumstances been normal, that might have been the case. But the circumstances are not normal and if it is true that you didn’t really have a mandate from the people of the US but rather won through slimy cyber-manipulation propelled by Russia with your help, then you have no right to inflict your vision on us.

The other major issue concerning me is what happens if/when collusion between your campaign and Russia is definitively demonstrated. We don’t have a precedent for this. It doesn’t work to just impeach you and install Pence. Your whole administration would not be legitimate and should not be allowed to retain power. I’d love if we could handle it the way we have handled countless instances of Russian Olympic medal winners caught doping where they are stripped of their medals and the next place athlete is awarded the medal instead. Seems fair to me. Should the need for a solution come to pass, I pray, for your sake, that you and yours have the decency not to try and influence the process from whatever pit of self-inflicted hell you are operating from.

Tracy Simpson

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