Your hypocrisy is a craven wonder

Dear President Trump,

I’m guessing you are having a tough day today waging damage control efforts in response to the FBI/NSA congressional testimony. Must be tough hearing there were no wiretaps on you while there is an ongoing investigation of Russia’s election tampering and an ongoing investigation into whether your campaign collaborated with Russia in the election tampering.

Your frantic attempt to shift the focus onto ancillary issues is ridiculous. You want to focus on intelligence leaks and whether it can be proved the tampering resulted in votes for you. These tactics are not going to get any traction. Yes, we need firewalls and safeguards to protect sensitive intelligence information but in the current context where you and the Republican party are so dominantly in charge, we also need patriotic whistle blowers who inform the public about grave national security dangers. Rules are in place for good reasons but sometimes rules have to be broken for the greater good. Do you really think that someone in the FBI who was seeing patterns suggesting Russian-backed cyber-warfare to influence the election in your favor would be able to go through official channels and have the information EVER see the light of day? How about concerns about your allies having questionable contact with Russian officials — could that information have survived the chain of command to be investigated thoroughly if there hadn’t been a leak? And so what if the influence of Russian tampering on vote count can’t be quantified? That’s the most despicable argument of all.

Had the tables been turned and Hilary Clinton won, you and the Republicans would have insisted she had unfair advantages of some sort. The hypocrisy on display from you, your administration, and the Republican elite is a craven wonder to behold. If the consequences were not so dire, it would be a fascinating case study. But the consequences are dire. We cannot allow ourselves to be played by Russia through a foolish puppet leader who sows chaos, mistrust, division, and disillusionment that weaken us internally and abroad.

May you summon the strength and integrity to stand up and do the right things.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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