Sometimes the only thing I can do is pray

Dear President Trump,

It’s pretty late in the day for me to be writing to you but it’s been an especially rough 24 hours and frankly, I’ve spent most of the day either trying to avoid thinking about you or trying to find a constructive way to address you. You see, I set a rule for myself that I wouldn’t engage in any name-calling or rudeness in my messages to you. Whatever I write to you, I would need to feel ok reading it aloud to you or to anyone. Today that is a very hard rule to abide by.

Since there is so very much coming out of your administration that is sending the disturbing, but not surprising, message that only a few kinds of people actually matter to you, I think the best thing to do today is send you an annotated loving-kindness message:

May you be safe (in addition to you yourself being safe and free from harm, may your actions be safe, may you recognize the rights of others to be safe, may you not lead us into war with North Korea, may you not gut our social safety nets, may you not invest further in a war machine that you won’t be able to resist using, may you not add to the nuclear arsenal and may you put the nuclear codes in safer hands, may you recognize the grave danger of human-caused effects on global warming, may you stop provoking our allies, may you stop colluding with our adversaries)

May you be happy (may you be capable of feeling happy without needing someone boosting your ego, may you be capable of being happy even when things are not all going the way you want, may you be happy for other people)

May you be healthy (may you take care of yourself, may you commit to telling the truth so that you are not divided against yourself, may you be truly concerned with the health and well-being of others and the planet, may you seek help and advice from loving, caring people)

May your life unfold and intersect peacefully (this one is pretty self-explanatory except that I’ve added the “intersect” part just for you because how your life intersects with the rest of our lives is, unfortunately, extremely relevant to whether our lives can unfold peacefully or really, at all.)

Tracy Simpson

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