Ordinary is inordinately confusing

Good morning President Trump,

Just over 20 years ago when we drove home from the hospital without our son, I was ill and devastated, and struck by the ordinariness I was seeing. The sun was shining, traffic was moving, people were going about their business. The juxtaposition was confusing and felt insanely unfair and wrong. This morning on my walk everything was very ordinary; it was quiet and dark and all the houses I passed were neat and trim and intact. There was almost no sign that things are really quite crazy, just one house had a yard sign proclaiming that everyone is welcome. Of course I didn’t expect anything else. But the ordinariness of the morning feels hollow in light of the stricken looks on Senator Grassley and Feinstein’s faces last night after their FBI briefing.

Of course lots of people are generating lots of commentary about what was said, by whom, and what was left unsaid during the press conference. When there is an information vacuum, humans seem incapable of not trying to fill it with theories and conjectures that we often forget are just theories and conjectures. If there is truly something devastating behind those grim looks, something that implicates you and/or people in your campaign in Russia’s efforts to influence the election, we are going to need every tiny bit of ordinariness we’ve got to keep us focused on finding a constructive way forward.

I honestly don’t know what I hope is revealed. On the one hand, if we see that your campaign was complicit it will validate my sense that something is deeply off in the sweep that you and the Republican party made and it could stop you from enacting your inhumane, short-sighted agenda. However, if you all are found to be complicit, it will tear this country up in ways I can’t even imagine.

Whatever happens, the waiting and wondering is going to be anxiety provoking and I think we all are going to be in need of grace and patience, including you. So,

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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