No handouts

Good Morning President Trump,

Over the past 20 or so years I’ve puzzled over the consistent pattern of people seeming to vote in ways that undermine their own interests, and honestly, that puzzlement was never stronger than in the last 6 months following your election. I have always known that people do things for reasons, but I just couldn’t fathom the reasons that low-wage and unemployed workers would vote for people who are willing to grant corporations personhood and who are blatant about wanting to redistribute wealth up the chain through tax loopholes and the like for the richest Americans. Then the other day I read an incredible piece in the Washington Post. The story focuses on a nurse practitioner in West Virginia and briefly told the story of one of her patients, a former coal miner who said he voted for you because you promised to bring back the good coal jobs. He said he’d rather have insurance through work than be guaranteed health insurance through the government. I totally get that. I too would rather have health insurance from my employer than have to go on a government plan (at least now, the way our basic economy is structured). Plus, he liked that you talk tough and plain and shoot from the hip.

The miner’s situation feels so sad to me. You see, he is quite disabled from the black lung disease he developed working in the mine. Even if coal mining were somehow to be resurrected in his community, even if he really wanted to return to the occupation that gave him an early death sentence, he could never do it again. He can barely breathe. It’s not literally your fault that he chose to believe that you would somehow magically revitalize a dying industry that is killing it’s workers when he voted for you, but I do think your conscience is heavier with the burden and cynicism of the lie. The ends really cannot be used to justify the means and lying and swindling vast numbers of desperate people is truly corrupt and corrupting.

For the sake of your well being, I hope you will take stock, deal with reality, and stop lying to desperate people. For my sake I send you this blessing:

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect with peace.

Tracy Simpson

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