Dear President Trump, Happy Solstice! Did you and the fam do anything to celebrate the shortest day of the year or did you studiously avoid it because you don’t acknowledge things that are the shortest, smallest, briefest? You generally are only in it for the biggest, hugest, longest whatevers so you probably let this day … Continue reading Fixes

Lying-Sack-of-Stuff deconstructed

Dear President Trump, Happy Articles of Impeachment Announcement Day. Yes, it’s a bummer the Democrats only went with abuse of power and obstruction tightly focused on your dealings with Ukraine, but the strategy of keeping things simple and straightforward is not unreasonable given how adept you and yours are at obfuscation and misdirection. I’m thinking … Continue reading Lying-Sack-of-Stuff deconstructed

What gives with Trump being happy about the hearings?

Dear President Trump, Apparently you were crowing this morning on Fox & Friends that the Democrats look the fools now that the scheduled impeachment hearings have wrapped up. Laura read me something from Twitter about how you were jubilant over how it all went. I don’t what the original source for that was, but even … Continue reading What gives with Trump being happy about the hearings?

No, “men” does not now mean “all people”

Dear President Trump, Did you tune in this morning to Nunes’s screed about the impeachment inquiry into your Majesty? I couldn’t bring myself to listen and only watched the live closed-captioning for a few minutes – where do you find these louts? Over the course of the hearings thus far it’s almost been funny watching … Continue reading No, “men” does not now mean “all people”