The menace of the Kool-Aid mainliners

To: The Evil Instigator

Ok, so I was wrong about Mitch being the Senator who would join Rep. Mo B. and object to the Electoral College slate on January 6th. It must have ticked you off but good when Mitch finally capitulated and congratulated Biden and Harris on their win yesterday and it must have further frosted you when you heard that he told his GOPP charges not to go through the objection ritual with Mo B.

Dang. He must have slicked his finger, stuck it out into the wind, and realized that for all your fury and bluster, for all your menacing brainwashed peeps, your day is done and there’s no reason to stay melded to your right armpit a second longer.

He did trot out the laundry list of everything the two of you “accomplished” that will burden the American people for years to come, but at the end of the day, he’s a pragmatist of the highest order and the writing is on the wall – you are kaput. Done. Finished. Washed up. Irrelevant. So yesterday. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Bye, bye. It’s been real. We’ve moved on. Next.

Clearly, though, as powerful as Mitch still is (that must have been some deal he made with the Devil), he’s not influential enough to reign in the total hose heads out there who’ve been mainlining the Kool-Aid, the ones who seem to truly believe there’s some huge fraudulent scheme to steal the election from you. In other words, we don’t appear to be out the woods on this thing yet.

For sure, part of it is that you aren’t backing down, which is utterly predictable – you’ll insist that you won until your dying breath because you’re that insecure and weak – and the Kool-Aid mainliners take their cues from you. But I would wager that even if you were to do something completely impossible for you and level with the American people about how you made the whole voter fraud thing up to scam your followers out of a bunch of money to pay down your damn debts and that Biden and Harris won the election fair and square, your hardcore peeps would double down on the conspiracy theories. They’d just pivot to the notion that someone, somehow got to you, that there are credible threats on Ivanka’s life and that this is why you’re going through the motions and telling these vile lies (i.e., that you lied and cheated millions of people out of millions of dollars as you tried to subvert American democracy).

These Kool-Aid mainliners ( are the ones calling for you to suspend civil rights and the Constitution, the ones urging you to declare a national emergency and invoke the Insurrection Act. And I’ve no doubt that you’re loving all this and that your rabid Fox talking heads are loving all this and that on the more obscure right-wing media sites, there’s plenty of fomenting and pitchfork rattling around these seditious, dangerous ideas.

We all know there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that you’d actually have the gumption (nerve, temerity, b****) to pull any of these stunts, but if the Kool-Aid mainliners actually believe that there is cause for you to make one or more of these moves, odds are unfortunately high that a handful of them are tipped enough that they’ll take matters into their own hands. One of them was quoted the other day as saying something along the lines of “Remember, we have the guns.” The person didn’t add “…and we’re ready to use them” but the menace was clear. Armed people who are over the top aggrieved and who truly believe that something as critically important as an election was stolen from their leader are dangerous people, indeed.

And you know it.

May we be safe from leaders who incite violence.
May we not be willing to grant such leaders any benefits of any doubts.
May we hold the line on truth and for democracy with all our strength.
May we accept that Mitch capitulating is not going to turn this around.

Tracy Simpson

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