We have no idea where the bottom is

To: The Scariest Clown of Them All

I’m sure there’s a boatload of yucky stuff percolating just below the surface, but so far this morning it’s been rather quiet on the aboveboard news level so I checked your daily schedule to see what you have on tap for the day. As it turns out – not much. Shock-a-roo!

I did learn, though, that the site that posts your daily public schedule (https://factba.se/topic/calendar) is now providing details regarding US COVID cases and deaths (new and total) right underneath the date, including the 2-week trends for each. I’m sure that information’s been there for a while, but I only just noticed it today. My bad.

I was remiss in not having noticed this important, pointed addition, but why, pray tell, did they feel the need to add it to your daily schedule in the first place? Obviously, it’s because of your unconscionable dereliction of duty when it comes to the safety, health, and wellbeing of the American public, both in terms of direct COVID impacts as well as the economic and other fallout associated with it.

For example, today you’re slated to have some “In-House Pool Call Time” before you award wrestler Dan Gable the Presidential Medal of Honor, after which you round out the day by having lunch with Pence. That’s it. What gives with the kind of non-schedule most of us would feel fortunate to have on our days off? If you don’t want to do the job, you could just do a quick civil service sort of hand-off to Joe Biden early, like tomorrow, and then we could do the full-meal deal inauguration day ceremony on 1/20/21 as scheduled. This way you can skip out on the country and avoid the pesky nags who think you should be doing something about COVID and/or the economy and we can get someone in office who actually has plans to address these issues and the desire (and ability) to execute those plans.

I know – I’m just trying to conjure an alternate reality where it might be possible for there to be reasonable consequences for unreasonable behavior, and sadly, it isn’t going to work.

And what’s with giving the PMH to Dan Gable? I looked him up and it appears he may well be the best American wrestler ever and he led a bunch of college and US Olympic teams to loads of victories, but huh? Maybe this one isn’t as bad as the one to Rush Limbaugh, but still, you have some mighty lame picks.

….So 12+ hours later there is now plenty of stomach churning news – I wish we could’ve just kept the focus on Dan…..

Here are the two headlines on either side of the WP’s “above the fold” space, perched there like fraternal twin sentinels of doom:

“Trump Asks PA Speaker For Help Overturning Election Results”


“Pfizer Tells U.S. Officials It Can’t Supply Substantial Additional Vaccine Until Late June or July”

I know this is all more of the same nightmarish crap you’ve been doling out the past four years, but holy shit – you’ve turned US into a third rate circus, one that can only manage to keep the scary clowns inside the tent because everyone else has fled. The worst of it though, is that you and the clowns aren’t going to stop on January 20th – no, it’s going to get even worse. Your low-life loyal GOP henchmen will fall all over each other to see who can out-obstruct the Biden administration so your brainwashed base won’t turn on them.

And more people are going to die because of it. Lots more people.

May we be safe from hateful, greedy politicians.
May we be willing to not blink as the scary crap accelerates.
May we take care of ourselves as best we can – stay steady and keep breathing.
May we accept that we have no idea where the bottom is.

Tracy Simpson

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