America’s most dangerous arsonist

To: America’s Most Dangerous Arsonist

Well, we watched the 2-minute Twitter-clip distilled from your “most important speech” ever and I’ll tell you what – it didn’t even occur to us to try and hunt down the full 46-minute original. Maybe if we were really, really good (masochistic) Americans, we would have gone ahead and borne witness to the crazy full meal deal, but honestly, there was no way we were going to do that – the 2-minute version frankly felt like it took an eternity, so multiplying that by 23 was a no go.

One of your “never-Trumper” nemeses, Charlie Sykes, has gone on record saying that we absolutely shouldn’t take our eyes off you at this point because he thinks you are actually at your most dangerous. Given everything else you’ve done, that’s saying a lot (and by the way, I was really hoping that the plural of nemesis was “nemesi” but “nemeses” does have the benefit of getting the idea of messes in there). Sykes gave the following examples to back up his statement:

“…..there are no norms that he is not willing to violate, there’s no standard of decency that he is not willing to shred.”

“we have not even seen how low he’s going to go on his pardon-palooza.”

“…..the president of the United States, right now in real-time, is trying to overturn a legitimate, democratic election.”

That’s a shit-ton of terrifying stuff, but what Sykes didn’t say is at least as scary. Specifically, he didn’t say that your tantrums are signaling to your aggrieved, armed base that they should be prepared to attack (as in be ready to do literal physical harm to others) should you need them to come to your defense so you can “rightfully” stay in office. There was also no mention of how pleased the thug dictators of the world must be – they couldn’t have dreamed up a better gift for you to deliver up on your way out. Or, hmm, maybe they could (and did), so we shouldn’t be surprised to learn some time in February that you’ve broken ground on new Trump Towers in Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and maybe even North Korea. Cha-ching! Follow the money, right?

Personally, while I do think we should be concerned about a critical mass of your hose-heads taking it upon themselves to violently “defend democracy,” my bet is that your speech yesterday was more about keeping the money flowing. It’s probably starting to penetrate the right-wing din that even Republican judges, some of whom YOU appointed, and Republican state officials are shutting down your bogus fraud claims. If that message is indeed penetrating then it follows that donation traffic on your various scam websites is slowing down – a lot – and that some of the less stupefied of your supporters are starting to sense that they’ve been had. At least I hope so.

It would be great if someone were to plot the real time relationship between your fraudulent voter fraud claims (and those of your key surrogates’) and the influx of donations to the different funds that are funneling into your post-POTUS PAC, along with the various court decisions and state vote certifications. I bet we’d see some pretty robust associations between them all. Oh, and in addition to seeing overall dollar amounts, it would be good to see the number of people donating, because I think that over time, fewer and fewer people are going to be excited about being on the Trumpian bandwagon.

Ok, I’ve made the point – desperate dude (you) sees the money influx slowing so he takes to his megaphone and bellows out the same lies, just louder and longer, in hopes that it’ll get the faucet flowing again, everyone else and everything else, be damned.

May we be safe from mercenary narcissists.
May we have the stomach to keep the current POTUS in our sights.
May we be strong enough to not tune out.
May we accept that he is tossing lighted matches in a field strewn with dynamite.

Tracy Simpson

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