We’ve got to count all of the elephants in the room

To: The Shyster

Have you seen Ed Norton’s Twitter thread laying out his ideas about the real reason you’re pulling all this bogus voter fraud and “oh, help me, they stole the election from me” bullshit? It’s old news now (2 days old, that is) but if you haven’t seen it, you might want to check it out since there might be some clues there for you about how to play your hand. If you just Google his name a bunch of sites that are carrying stories about the thread are right up at the top, well ahead of his movie creds and anything else about him.

Norton uses a poker analogy to explain why he thinks all of your bogus voter fraud lawsuits are really elaborate bluffs designed to buy you and your team of scoundrels time to suppress and destroy evidence of the wrong doing. He also thinks you’re angling for a safe exit, as in relief from your “multidimensional legal jeopardy” and that your goal is to be so obnoxious and destructive that Biden and team will make you a deal so you’ll hand over the keys and shut the hell up.

It’s a pretty elegant hypothesis – it deals head on with the insanely lame nature of the law suits you and Rudy cooked up as well as with the completely nimrod-ish plays you’ve been making to try and get various state officials to gum up the works on their certifications. There’s clearly no actual merit to any of the bullshit you’re throwing at the walls, but if you can get some of it to stick long enough to give you cover and make enough of a stink that everyone just wants to clean it up and move on, then guess what – you win! Right?

Norton was adamant that you not be allowed to get away with any of it, that you need to be called on your willful desecration of our democratic principles and practices and that you should be held accountable for all the layers of your multidimensional legal jeopardy. Yeppers. I’d second all that.

What he didn’t address, though, is either the GOP’s complicity with your faux election fraud litigation or your base’s whole hog embrace of the deceit. Those two factors loom large and introduce a crappy multidimensional political jeopardy for Biden and team. I don’t know, maybe you’re counting on Mitch and the masses to come through for you – maybe not with a royal flush, but four of a kind or a straight would do ok, wouldn’t they?

In other words, much as I like Norton’s analysis, it’s a little too elegant and frankly seems to me to be missing the twin elephants that are only too happy to engage in the rampage with and for you – the cynical power mongerers led by Mitch and the racist, blood thirsty 2nd Amendment MAGA nuts who seem totally stoked by the idea of an armed insurrection if you send the signal that you are being “forced” out unfairly.

I do see that Emily Murphy finally sent THE LETTER to “Mr. Biden” but I’m also seeing that you’re still shoveling out provocative Tweets of the “I really won, I will prevail” variety that are sure to get (keep) your loyal hordes revved up. So I don’t think we can breathe deeply or relax into any sort of Zen space until we get through Inauguration Day and everyone on the Biden-Harris team comes through safely. I hate that I’m thinking this way, but your base is well armed and far too many of them think you embody the second coming of Christ, so while today’s developments may take the charge out of some of the elephants, it’s sure to act like a giant cattle prod for others.

And, I will add here that I was sad to see that Ms. Murphy and her family received awful threats and so much hate. We’ve got to stop this vitriol – the psychic toll is bad enough, but it doesn’t take but a few unstable people who really take this shit too far before people start getting physically hurt.

May we be safe from desperate losers with shit hands.
May we be willing to call their bluffs.
May we be strong and refuse whatever shady deals you might want to broker.
May we accept that our shoulders will remain up around our ears for the foreseeable future.

Tracy Simpson

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